Talent contest: "Circular Art"

NO, the new urban farm in Lisbon that transforms lees from Delta coffee into substrate for mushrooms and organic fertilizer, launches a contest for young artists.

Guided by the values of sustainability, our motto “From Waste to Taste” is based on the principle of circular economy, giving new life to what would be a waste. At the same time, we solve an environmental problem of methane and CO2 emissions.

The objective of this contest is to promote art and culture in young Portuguese people based on the values of sustainability and climate action, calling on the artistic community to integrate an innovative social and environmental project in the center of Lisbon.

Artistic creation is free and will be done on 3 walls of the farm, based on the concepts:
- Sustainability & ecology 
- Circular economy
- Biodiversity
- Nature
- Local culture
- Mushrooms (it is not even necessary to have mushrooms in the tenders)

We seek artistic coherence across the space, trying to create a homogeneous environment in the development of ideas for the 3 walls. You can find all the information and pictures of the walls in the document below.

Circular Art Contest Regulation

Participants should send via email to namfarm.contest@gmail.com a word document with the following details: Full name, Age, Contacts (email, mobile phone), Address, Educational establishment / Independent.

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