From fresh coffee grounds to tasty mushrooms

At NÃM, everything revolves around the circular economy. We go “from waste to taste” by collecting what we call waste and turning it into something we need every day, food!

Concretely, Delta brings us coffee grounds every day that NÃM mixes later with mushroom seeds (mycelium) and, 6 weeks later, we harvest delicious mushrooms (Oyster mushrooms) on the spot.

transformar borras de café em cogumelos

Together with Delta, we want to grow the freshest and tastiest mushrooms in Portugal! For this, we pay special attention to quality.

First, we use only the coffee grounds from the day.

Fresh coffee grounds are still rich in nutrients, free of bacteria and, therefore, produce an excellent substrate for growing mushrooms.

In addition, we collect only coffee grounds from coffee vending machines.

The coffee grounds of these machines are very well maintained because they are in a clean and safe environment inside the machine itself.

In this way, the coffee is not mixed with other organic waste nor is it in contact with bacteria.

Every morning, Delta fills the vending machines with fresh coffee and at the same time collects the sludge, taking it to our urban farm in Marvila.

With this process, we do not emit additional CO2 to collect coffee grounds.

We took advantage of an existing Delta transportation network.

After checking our raw material again, we will mix it, using a special process (from the house) in order to give the best conditions to our wonderful mushrooms to grow!

produção de cogumelos em borras de café

The mushrooms (oyster mushrooms) are then picked and delivered to your restaurant, your local grocery store or canteen the same day!

All of this to offer you tasty, fresh, local mushrooms and on top of that they have a positive impact on the planet.

From waste to taste.

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