Nathan, Nam's Founder


"My name is Natan and I created Nãm because I think that waste should not exist! Just look with different eyes, this will become a new opportunity to generate value. This is why I decided to create a business model inspired by nature, because It, like Nãm, does not create waste and only uses what is locally available. "

The beginning of Nãm

história nãm mushrooms
January 2017


I still remember, 5 years ago, the day I showed my father the complication I made of all business models based on the circular economy.

a história da nãm mushrooms
June 2017

Good old times

After my master's degree at the Portuguese Catholic University, the idea of starting a business with a positive impact did not leave my head.

espaço nãm mushrooms
May 2018

Portuguese life

I was sure of one thing. I wanted to stay in Portugal for its natural beauty, its authentic people, and the quality of life. Portugal also has a special relationship with coffee, which made this country the perfect place to start a crazy idea ... using wasted coffee grounds to grow mushrooms.

primeiros cogumelos nãm mushrooms
August 2018

The first mushrooms

I found a space in the least likely place in Lisbon, off the quartermaster, where I built a small urban farm in the heart of the city. Every month we transformed 500 kg of coffee into 100 kg of mushrooms. We started presenting our idea and showing our mushrooms to local restaurants and, to our great surprise, everyone was enthusiastic about the idea.

No. X Delta

delta e nãm mushrooms from waste to taste
Marsh 2019

The date

8 months later, and many, even many, mistakes later, I met Rui Miguel Nabeiro who told me “Natan, continue. I will help you ”. And so a new World of opportunities for Nãm began.

nãm mushrooms from waste to taste
November 2019

Almost there!

For 8 months we worked together to build the first urban farm in Lisbon that will change the way we see waste and reconnect us with our food.

transformar borras de café em cogumelos
Januray 2020


The farm will have an initial capacity to transform 3 tons of coffee grounds per month (or 36 tons per year!), Into 1 ton of mushrooms per month (or 12 tons per year!). And we also generate 4 tons of natural fertilizer.