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Article: Building communities through sustainable food

Construir comunidades através da alimentação sustentável

Building communities through sustainable food

Food not only sustains our bodies, it also defines cultures around the world. 

It brings families together, builds communities and encourages creativity. 

Food will always be an important part of our lives, but it is important to recognize the challenges of a sustainable and conscious relationship with food.

Awareness of the value of food is a crucial step towards consuming sustainably. 

At the 2019 UNESCO World Forum on Culture and Food, speakers looked at how traditional cultural food systems are good guides to identity and sustainability. 

One speaker argued that communities should reinforce the cultural ties they have to food; The recent transformation of our food system is an unsustainable process, dependent on fossil fuels, which emits carbon.

The conference also discussed the importance of creative food choices. 

Another speaker spoke about the responsibility of chefs to make informed choices about food consumption and origins. 

According to the World Wildlife Foundation, local communities are crucial in guiding an environmentally viable food system. 

Because poverty and the environment are intertwined issues, advancing local and sustainable food production can help improve the lives of many.

Local consumption not only results in better quality food, but it also reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions because there is less travel involved for food to reach our plates.

Not to mention it stimulates the local economy, supports food security, and encourages mindful consumption!

As consumers, knowledge is power! Awareness is the key to change. 

You can research which restaurants or supermarkets use local products. Normally, they will say it themselves, as it is something they can be proud of!

At Nãm, we are passionate about helping individuals and businesses consume sustainably and locally. 

We work with restaurants in Lisbon to help them make a better choice when looking for food, using our mushrooms.

Article written by Remi Moeller

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