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Article: Social entrepreneurship: Values before business

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Social entrepreneurship: Values before business

Each journey in entrepreneurship begins with a dream, something that you want to change, bringing a solution to a problem. Each dream is different and will serve society in a different way. Recently, more and more entrepreneurs have decided to dedicate their efforts to solving very complex social problems.

And there is a very good reason for this: if we do not find concrete large-scale solutions to climate change, waste and increasing inequality, we will be in big trouble.

The good news is: social entrepreneurs are here to help! We created organizations, companies or NGOs because we believe that if we do not take responsibility for finding solutions, the problem will not be solved by itself. Our aim is to experiment, test and refine concrete solutions and, ultimately, inspire others to do the same.

And that is exactly how NAM started. It started with the need to act, with the belief that, acting for the common good and dreaming of doing something greater than ourselves, we generate change!

Therefore, we want to share with you our purpose, mission and vision because it is the best way to affirm and share our reason for being.


 Our purpose

We entered this business to make the world a better place; reconciling economics and ecology.

For us, this is the greatest challenge of the 21st century. We want to prove that protecting Nature can also mean creating jobs and value for the community. They are not opposing forces!

"We must not ask Nature to produce like our factories, but ask our factories to produce like Nature".

Our Vision

A world where waste does not exist.

In Nature there are no residues, what for one is waste becomes energy for the other.

Therefore, waste is not waste, but a sleeping asset waiting to be transformed into value.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to reconnect people with their food.

Food travels an average of 15,000 km before reaching our plates.

Cities were developed around food, but technology and globalization have disconnected us from where and how our food is grown.

Our aim is to build resilience through food security in the city.

From waste to taste

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