The perfect match: An urban farm with sustainable design, zero waste!

The Novonovo project, is an innovative project that believes that “garbage is only garbage when we throw it away” and that what is waste for some is a useful asset for others. Based on this idea, NovoNovo was born, an organization that develops design projects with recovered materials and is creating a digital platform to make these materials circulate.

Novonovo works with companies and professionals that want to donate or sell materials that seem useless and with creatives that give a new life to this waste. Novonovo's objective is to create a community, where in addition to this transformation of waste, there is interaction, joint work and exchange of ideas about sustainability.


Nãm and Novonovo are two completely different projects, and at the same time so much the same! Both want to end waste, and both believe in a circular economy. 

Both mottos; (Novonovo: “Waste isn´t waste until we waste it” and Nãm: “from Waste to taste”), touch on the main union of projects, waste. And that's how our path crossed. In the end, we sailed different paths with the same final goal, to help our planet a little bit.

For Nãm we chose wooden slats to cover our containers where we grow mushrooms. We believe in organic materials, and this choice has made our farm even more welcoming. The creatives made a real work of art! 

In addition to growing mushrooms with love, we also think it is important to receive all our visits in a space where they feel at home. The final result of our containers contributes to this. 

If you want to find out more about the Novonovo project, talk to us and we organize a visit at NAM Farm.

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