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Article: Q&A DIY Grow Kit NÃM

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Q&A DIY Grow Kit NÃM

In this article, we will answer all the questions about our DIY Grow Kit. You can also find a link to a short 1-minute video presented (very well) by Pimpim that explains how to use our kit!


Can decaffeinated grounds be used?

Yes you can.

What does it mean to humidify mushrooms?

This means spraying the mushrooms with water twice a day, preferably morning and evening.

How long can it take to fill the kit with my grounds?

Ideally, fill the bucket with the grounds all at once and mix the mycelium. If you don't have enough grounds, fill in two or three times, mixing all the mycelium the first time and the following times just add the grounds without mixing, as the mycelium will colonize the entire bucket. Do not take more than two weeks to fill the bucket completely.

After filling the bucket with the grounds and closing the kit lid, can I open it to see what the substrate is like?

No, as it can break the growth of the mushroom that grows through the cap.

How important is it to disinfect the bucket?

Very important, as it prevents the spread of bacteria and other fungi that could harm the fruiting of mushrooms.

In step 3: What it means: “When there is a white layer on the grounds, add more grounds!”

It means that the mycelium has already colonized the first layer of sludge in the bucket and so we can add more sludge for the mycelium to colonize the rest. Just add more grounds without disturbing what's already there.

If I don't use the DIY kit right away, what should I do with the mycelium?

Keep the mycelium in the refrigerator until the experiment begins.

What does fresh lees mean? 

This means that the grounds should not be more than 2 days old, ideally keep the grounds in the refrigerator. If the grounds are up to five days old, you can use them in the experiment if you keep them in the refrigerator and they are clean, mold-free and have a healthy texture and smell.

“No direct light!” - what it means?

This means that the kit cannot receive sunlight or artificial light intensely and continuously. Ideally the kit should be placed in the dark for the first two weeks and then placed in a place where it receives indirect light, for example in the kitchen.

How do I know I can remove the tape?

As soon as the mushrooms start to come out of the holes, you can remove the tape to help the mushrooms grow. However, these can easily pierce the tape.

Can I touch the mushrooms?

You should not touch the mushrooms, as we could contaminate them.

Can mushrooms fruit twice?

After the first harvest, we may eventually have a second harvest but it is not guaranteed.

Regarding the DIY kit, when you buy the mycelium refill and spread it on a new substrate, you will have new mushrooms.

When do I know the mushrooms are ready to harvest?

When the mushroom cap is straight.

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