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Article: Why is eating oyster mushrooms good for the environment?

Por que razão comer cogumelos ostra é bom para o ambiente?

Why is eating oyster mushrooms good for the environment?

In Nature, there are 5 kingdoms: plants, animals, algae, bacteria and fungi. And together they form the ideal team in which there is no waste, everyone has a role and only uses what is available locally, channeling energy from one kingdom to another.

Fungi are called "Nature's decomposers", they break down any dead organic matter and transform it into nutrients for their local habitat.

Therefore, eating edible wild mushrooms is good for the environment and our planet because they are 100% organic and local. However, most of the mushrooms we eat are commercially grown.

But this is also good news because they are not resource-intensive and can be grown year-round. On average, 1 kilo of oyster mushrooms requires just 25 liters of water and is grown most of the time using locally available waste. This makes eating mushrooms an excellent substitute for meat. In addition to being vegetarian, it only consumes a very small amount of resources.

Once again, eating mushrooms is good for you, but also for the planet!

From waste to taste

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