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Article: A better world: Qualitative growth

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A better world: Qualitative growth

Growth is a process in everything that is alive and is deeply embedded in the pattern of life. Everything in nature grows. However, everything grows, but only to a certain extent. Trees and plants never grow to kilometers in height and the population of a species never grows without, until some time, finding a competitor.

Balance and diversity seem to be the rule in Nature.

Something even more interesting happens in Nature; waste does not exist!

Um mundo melhor: O crescimento qualitativo

After 4,000 million years of trial and error, Nature has reached such a level of perfection and a balance so perfect that waste does not exist, with a very good reason for that: What is waste for some, becomes energy for others.

For example, dead organic matter, such as wood, is decomposed by mushrooms, which in turn feed animals, which then fertilize the soil for other trees to grow.

However, what does this have to do with growth? It seems that Nature manages to take full advantage of all the locally available energy and channel it from one kingdom to another.

This is precisely how we should look at the waste created by our economic system. Waste should not be seen as waste, but as an opportunity to create more economic, social and environmental value. Not only did this result in less waste and therefore less negative impact, it also created new opportunities and ultimately growth.

crescimento qualitativo

The growth we all want is qualitative. We want growth to be a virtuous cycle that creates a positive and lasting impact on our society.

Growth should mean more trees and less Co2, more achievement and less social injustice, less poverty and more equality!

At NO, our goal is to create and promote a society that seeks quality growth by producing local mushrooms using only what is available locally. We also want to share our passion with as many people as possible with the hope of making the world a little better.

From waste to taste


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