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Article: NÃM Urban Farm Cascais

NÃM Urban Farm Cascais

NÃM Urban Farm Cascais

THE NÃ M Cascais is launching a new network of urban farms based on the circular economy.

It is right in the center of Cascais, and in a historic place with a strong identity, that we now make our fresh and delicious mushrooms available to the people of Cascais, freshly picked from two containers installed in the market.

And why in Mercado da Vila?

Ultimately, it is this proximity to what is local that fascinates us. That's why it makes perfect sense for us to be part of this network.

From the production of food, to its delivery and consumption, our objective is to keep the entire cycle happening as close to the consumer as possible.

There is also m great resilience in this process and mainly with regard to the attempt to reduce the ecological footprint by maximum . We avoid transporting food by collecting it on site minutes before delivering it to the consumer.

Therefore, in addition Fresh and delicious, our mushrooms certainly win over palates for their differentiating freshness.

In this way, ecological agriculture is brought to the urban environment, creating proximity and forming bridges in contact with the local community, as it is also a product local and that contributes to the well-being of the planet and those who use it.

With this, we ended up creating an identity of sharing and innovation with a focus on agriculture in urban spaces and the promotion of young farmers.

Just like in a natural ecosystem, Nã m always seeks to be a company that promotes continuous management, capable of generating resources with positive and sustainable value, in an increasingly restricted context of resource availability, bringing agriculture to the urban environment and allowing urban farmers to grow more and better food in 'anywhere', in a practical, efficient and ecological way.

Despite being a concept still under construction, the development of agriculture is directly related to urbanization and life in the city. The relationship between food production and ways of constituting the city is inseparable , but also It depends on the dynamics of each place and city.

With our urban farms we aim to highlight the relationships between the rural and the urban, between society and nature; bring to life different forms and expressions of urban agriculture: the vegetable garden, the backyard, etc.; practice and reflect on various issues, resilience and rethink access to natural resources in the city.

We intend to create 'green' areas with the possibility of multiple reaches and not only with the aim of offering a quality food product, but also guide environmental, social and cultural values, continuing our paradigm of not treating organic waste as garbage, but as part of a cycle in which what came from the earth returns to the earth.

'The whole is greater than the sum of its parts'

Article written by Mafalda Martins.

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