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Nãm Mushrooms – the new Eco-warriors

  Since 2020, Nãm has been on a mission to not only cultivate mushrooms but also to revolutionize the way we perceive agriculture, waste management, and environmental stewardship. With over 5000 cu...

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Desvendar o poder do cogumelo Lion's Mane: Um estimulante natural do cérebro

  No mundo dos fungos, existe um cogumelo notável que se destaca pela sua aparência única e potenciais benefícios para a saúde: O cogumelo Juba de leão (Hericium erinaceus). Conhecido pela sua apa...

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Food, the environment, and our mind

Last month (October) was World Mental Health Day. We dedicate and relate this article to this very important topic. You may have heard that the space where you normally spend your days, such a...

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Building communities through sustainable food

Food not only sustains our bodies, it also defines cultures around the world.  It brings families together, builds communities and encourages creativity.  Food will always be an important ...

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Fostering the Future

Children are the future. Perhaps one of the most special things in life is observing a child's curiosity. Children tend to offer a different perspective; Because they don't yet know how everythi...

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NÃM Urban Farm Cascais

THE NÃ M Cascais is launching a new network of urban farms based on the circular economy. It is right in the center of Cascais, and in a historic place with a strong identity, that we now make...

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