ResultadProcesso de Economia Circular da NÃM mushrooms
icone nam coffee beans

It all starts with coffee beans

icone nam coffee delta

We add a little bit of boiling water and it becomes a delicious coffee

icone nam planet eco

Instead of ending up in a landfill polluting our precious planet


Delta collects wasted coffee grounds

icone nam car

Nãm turns it into fresh, local and organic mushrooms

icone nam mushroom
icone nam fertilizer

Waste of mushroom production results in an organic and nutritious fertilizer for growing fruits and vegetables

Do more
with less.

Few people know but a cup of coffee only contains 1% of the total biomass of the coffee, the remaining 99% is considered waste. Still rich in nutrients, unused coffee grounds are an excellent substrate for producing delicious mushrooms.

zero desperdício

Zero operation

Every day, Delta collects 150 kg of coffee in Lisbon (8300 😬 cups of coffee). While collecting coffee waste, Delta also delivers it, thus reducing the ecological footprint.

borras de café em cogumelos

The recipe Nãm.

On the farm, we mix the collected coffee with mushroom seeds and straw. Then, just wait 6 weeks and the mushrooms are ready to collect.

receita nãm mushrooms

The collection.

Our mushrooms are collected with great love and care by our urban farmers.
Locally produced and rich in vitamins and minerals are perfect for you, your health and our planet.

From our farm
to your plate.

The mushrooms are collected in the morning, and delivered in the afternoon, on the same day!

economia circular

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And it's not over yet! What if we told you that we produce not only mushrooms from coffee but also quality natural fertilizer?
We partner with local farmers and together we make the soil richer and help vegetables and fruit grow!